Master the Art & Science of Nonprofit Storytelling

There is a science to why storytelling works and a structure to follow so that we all can become better storytellers.

The better storytellers we are, the better we can explain our mission, define our purpose, and promote our causes.

But here’s the problem. There is plenty of research to show WHY storytelling is effective and even WHAT kinds stories you can tell.

Unfortunately, very few people understand HOW to tell stories well. Even fewer understand how to create great stories with limited time, money, and resources (which almost every nonprofit marketer experiences!).

Join us on this free storytelling webinar to change this right now!

What you’ll learn:

  • The science of storytelling and how stories affect the mind
  • How to find any opportunity to tell a story
  • What mistakes to avoid and what stories are most memorable
  • What formats work best for storytelling
  • How to create compelling video stories without expensive equipment

This session will teach you how to master the techniques you need to craft stories that create empathy and move audiences to action in the shortest amount of time possible.



Rain Bennett makes films and tells stories of people who have overcome obstacles to take control of their health and happiness. Rain also loves the science of storytelling and works with nonprofits, purpose-driven companies, and inspiring individuals to incorporate storytelling and short-form video content into their marketing strategies.


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