[Webinar] Donor Thank Yous: The Beginning Of A Beautiful Friendship

You’ve completed your year-end fundraising! You’re done, right?

Not so fast! You may be losing a major source of future support if you don’t build a strong thank you plan to follow up your year-end campaign. 

Your donors don’t like being treated like ATMs, where you only show up when you need money. They are people who care about your organization, your cause, your clients, and they want to know that the money they donated to you made a difference. 

If you want to keep your donors, rather than chasing down new donors year-after-year, implementing a thoughtful, heart-felt thank you (a.k.a. stewardship) strategy is key. If you have less than 60% donor retention and you can’t figure out why that is, it’s probably your stewardship strategy (either it needs to be much more robust or it needs to exist in the first place.

In this 60-minute webinar, you’ll learn tried and tested strategies to:

  • Make your donors feel thanked;
  • Make your donors grateful for your organization;
  • Keep your donors engaged throughout the year, not just at year-end;
  • And ensure your donors are there and ready to give again next time you ask.

You’ll come away with all the key insights on how you can show donors your appreciation and retain them for years to come.

Don’t miss out on this amazing (and free) webinar on January 21st at 2pm EST taught by the Kelly McLaughlin, Your NonproFIT Coach.

Seats are already filling up – save yours now!

Taught by Kelly McLaughlin: Your NonproFIT Coach

Kelly is an independent fundraising consultant based in the Washington, DC area. She has spent over a decade learning from some of the best, biggest, and brightest nonprofit leaders in the industry…and then figured out how to make their systems and practices work for small nonprofits—the ones with tiny budgets, too few staff members, or other resource restrictions.

She pairs this expertise with principles of behavior change management—learned from her years as a fitness trainer—to make sure that the changes her client organizations make stick and contribute to long-term growth.

Starting her career, Kelly oversaw an individual giving program that went from raising $300k annually to $1 million annually in just four years. Since then, Kelly has worked with a range of nonprofits, from multi-million dollar budgets to volunteer-run groups, from political advocacy to arts education, from international aid to local historical societies.

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