3 Apps for Photo Storytelling


Photo apps give us new and easy ways to use photo storytelling via our mobile phones.

Whether you are utilizing apps to enhance your photos for your website or social media, having vivid photos makes a big difference. Here are three tools you can use to easily create beautiful, emotive photos for storytelling.

Instagram Photo Storytelling

Instagram is free to users (iPhone and Android phones only) and its features are digital filters and a movie camera, which also has digital filters and allows for up to 15 seconds of video.

  • Instagram is great because it has the largest user base of all photo storytelling sharing apps and it allows someone with no knowledge of photography to create great pictures.
  • Cost: Free

Aviary Photo Storytelling

With Aviary, you can edit photos in a similar manner as if you had your own photo editing software on a computer. In addition to digital filters like Instagram, you can fine tune more settings like the warmth, saturation, and sharpness of a photo.

  • Aviary is best for someone with experience in image editing to enhance a photo in ways you could with software rather than just selecting a filter.
  • Cost: Free

VSCO Cam Photo Storytelling

VSCO Cam has a unique feature that allows it to set multiple points of focus as easy sliders to help you edit your photo with great precision. They also include a series on filters that give you a retro film-based look for photo storytelling.

  • Of these three apps, The VSCO Cam has the most features you would find in editing software. You can also take pictures as fast as you can tap the camera icon (this is not the case with Instagram). Each picture will have the date, time, aperture, and ISO – as well as your flash settings and the Preset you used to edit the photo.
  • Cost: Free / You can buy additional filter packs for $0.99.

These photo apps are great for adding the touch needed with just the right digital filter and edits to give it that vintage look or to balance color so your images make a lasting impression. Try these out today!

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