New Guide: Creating A Toolkit For Nonprofit Fundraising


Looking into starting a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign? Peer-to-peer fundraising allows your nonprofit the opportunity to gather your community to fundraise on your behalf, which not only multiplies your audience but also unites your community together for a great cause.

However, a successful peer-to-peer fundraising campaign hinges on one thing: great communication.

The best way to start your peer-to-peer fundraising campaign off on the right foot is compiling a stellar fundraising toolkit that will answer all your fundraiser’s questions preemptively, while also equipping them to reach their maximum fundraising potential.

But what resources should you put in your fundraising toolkit to best guide your fundraisers? In our new free guide, Creating A Toolkit For Nonprofit Fundraising, you’ll learn:

1) Toolkit Essentials.

We compiled a comprehensive list of the items you can include in a toolkit that are proven to best aid fundraisers. Loaded with tips on resources to include such as a campaign overview, types of images proven to engage donors, social media tips for fundraisers, and so much more, find out the core components of an effective fundraising toolkit.

2) Tips From Successful Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Toolkits

We took a close look at World Bicycle Relief, She’s The First, and Project Aware’s toolkits and were able to glean insight into what kinds of materials worked best for their campaigns. From branding guidelines to social media tips, find out how you can compose a toolkit just like the pros.

3) How To Create Your Toolkit Resources

Need a little guidance on how to create graphics for your toolkit, or what exactly to put in your campaign overview? Find out step-by-step how you can construct the perfect toolkit that will best help your fundraisers succeed.

When you provide a toolkit for your fundraisers, you’ll begin to see an amazing difference in your fundraiser’s confidence to effectively fundraise on your behalf. Arming your fundraisers with knowledge will help avoid confusion when it’s time to kick off your campaign and will strengthen the effectiveness of your campaign as a whole.

Read our free guide, Creating A Toolkit For Nonprofit Fundraising and find out how you can create a toolkit that will best equip your supporters to succeed in fundraising, and help them make a lasting impact alongside your nonprofit.


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