Vanessa Chase Lockshin On Nonprofit Storytelling In Year-End Fundraising

What makes a good fundraising story?

On this episode, we talk with Vanessa Chase Lockshin, the President of The Storytelling Nonprofit, about what makes a good story, how stories can amplify your year-end fundraising campaign, and a few examples of nonprofits telling their stories well.

Vanessa is an international non-profit consultant, thought leader, trainer, and speaker. She’s part of the next generation of professionals bringing change to the non-profit sector and challenging conventions. Vanessa is also the author of The Storytelling Non-Profit: A practical guide to telling stories that raise money and awareness.

Vanessa founded The Storytelling Non-Profit in 2012 to help not-for-profit organizations articulate their impact to donors in a new way, using narrative techniques to generate greater personal interest and accountability, thereby improving their fundraising success. Today, The Storytelling Non-Profit provides consulting, training, and coaching to non-profits around the world.

Vanessa is also the Co-Founder of Stewardship School, and Board Chair of Women Against Violence Against Women.

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