[Webinar] The Smart Nonprofit: Staying Human-Centered in a Tech Automated World

Smart tech helped nonprofits to pivot to suddenly remote and digital delivery of programs and services during the pandemic, it may also enable us to turn the page on an era of frantic busyness and scarcity mindsets to one in which nonprofit organizations have the time to think and plan — and even dream.

As smart tech becomes more embedded in nonprofits, making decisions for and instead of people, it must be adopted in smart, ethical, and responsible ways to reap the significant benefits.

From automated emails to mass texts, keeping our nonprofits personalized can be a strain for even the most well seasoned nonprofit leaders. In this webinar, join us to learn more about how you can utilize smart tech without losing your nonprofit’s personality.

In this webinar you gain:

  • Overview of what the technology is and does
  • Inspiring use-cases
  • Why it is important for nonprofits to integrate it carefully into their organizations
  • Framework for successfully using smart tech
  • Tips for broad stakeholder engagement

About your Speakers

Beth Kanter is an internationally recognized thought leader and trainer in digital transformation and well-being in the nonprofit workplace. Allison Fine is among the nation’s pre-eminent writers and strategists on the use of technology for social good.

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