The Six G’s of Social Media Marketing

Meredith Janke
Meredith Janke

We’ve talked about social media tools before, but tools are just that – a means to an end. You’ve also got to think about what your nonprofit’s online personality is like. What impression do people have of you from your Facebook page? Are you someone people would want to share a meal with, or that socially awkward person that people try to avoid?

If you want to be everyone’s BFF in the social media world, here are six catchy terms to keep in mind when crafting your social media presence.

You should be:


People can tell when you’re being fake, and we need more than cold hard facts. Show us the human element of your nonprofit – tell stories, go behind the scenes, connect with your supporters.


Communicating well can be like a gift. Share noteworthy information with your community. Listen and respond to feedback. Empower your support base with the right tools and info.


Let your supporters be the stars, and show them your thanks. Think of creative ways to show appreciation and give praise publicly on your social media accounts.

But don’t be:


People know when you’re just out for their money or using them for likes and endorsements. If you’re constantly begging people to follow or like you, they will get annoyed. Share a variety of information so that your base doesn’t feel like you’re using them, but instead that you are engaging them.


If people think you are out for your own accolades, they won’t want to stand behind you. Make your social media posts about the issue, and not about how awesome you are as an organization. Let the excellence of your work speak for you.


No one likes to be pestered. Invite people to join you in your cause, but don’t harass them. Don’t hijack other conversations or threads with promotional materials, either.

For the most part, the same common sense social etiquette rules of the real world apply online as well. Act like a decent human being, and you’ve got nothing to worry about.

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