The Reason Why

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Knowing the passion and the motivation of a person helps you truly understand the character of that individual; the same goes for understanding organizations, which after all, are comprised of people. So, let’s talk about who we are, what drives us, and what our mission is.

Who We Are
The best teams are those with diverse backgrounds, and we like to think that we’re pretty awesome :D. In short, our collective backgrounds include management consulting for Federal agencies and non-profits, web development for microfinance institutions, and work with NGOs abroad. More info about each of us can be found at

What Drives Us
Even though we come from different academic and professional backgrounds, we’re brought together by the same purpose – to serve those in need by making the most with whatever resources we have.

Our Mission
In a nutshell, our mission is three-fold:

1. Serve the underserved – intentionally target small and medium non-profits because they consistently struggle the most, and are always the ones that lack resources.

2. Create awesome technology – make the best web-based tools that non-profits will ever use.

3. Play nice – promote a workplace and community that helps each other flourish.

The journey matters so much more than the destination. We hope you will join us in our journey to live out our mission.

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It honestly felt like using CauseVox expanded our team by another member.

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