A Thank You Note To Fundraisers

Noah Barnett
Noah Barnett

Being a fundraiser is hard.

And these last few months of the year are especially so, with #GivingTuesday, year-end appeals, donor events, and holidays sprinkled throughout.

On top of this, it’s mostly thankless work. Why is this?

As our team takes tomorrow off to celebrate Thanksgiving here in the U.S., we wanted to stop and simply say “thank you!”

You’re the one on the front lines—fighting everyday to make our world better.

You’re the one managing unrealistic workloads on a bare-bones budget.

You’re the one using your voice to rally and activate hundreds, thousands, and even millions of people around our world’s most important causes.

You’re the one seeking to serve and improve the lives of men, women, children in poverty, vulnerable, dispersed, and overlooked. Believing that all people matter and we should fight to protect that.

You see our planet and how we’ve taken advantage of it and are fighting to make it better, so people like me can take my son to the same oceans and national parks my dad took me.

You see animals being abused and tossed aside, endangered by our abuse and neglect, and are willing to say “this is not right, we must act together to change this.”

And for this, thank you! We know it’s hard, but believe it’s worth it.

Our world is better because of your work ?.

And for that we’re grateful.

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