5 Powerful Nonprofit Videos to Inspire You

In today’s digital world, nonprofits and charities can’t underplay the importance of video and visual storytelling as a key fundraising tool.

80% of the highest-grossing campaigns on CauseVox’s fundraising platform have used video as part of their online fundraising campaign.

Read our beginner’s guide to learn the basics of nonprofit video storytelling and how to use video to drive donations.

The impact story video is one of the most effective tools in your belt for rallying support. You know, the video that highlights one person or group of people who have had their lives changed because of you. It describes their struggle and how things turned around for them, and offers a clear call to action.

You’ve got one of those, right?

5 Best Nonprofit Videos That Share Impact & Inspire

1. Back On My Feet Chicago

Back on My Feet from Storytellers For Good on Vimeo.

Back on My Feet inspires self-confidence and motivation in the homeless through their running program. Almost cried watching them talk about finishing the race!

2. Mia’s Story, Rise Academy

Mia from Hover on Vimeo.

Rise Academy helps students like Mia learn in a way that works for them and excel when they would have been left behind. This video gives you a real sense of who Mia is and how she’s flourished in her new school.

3. NYC Salt

NYC SALT from NYC SALT on Vimeo.

NYC Salt teaches inner city teenagers how to make a living doing photography. These teens look so accomplished and confident. This video also clearly articulates their needs and how to get involved.

4. Desta, Charity: Water

Desta from charity: water on Vimeo.

It’s impossible to talk about inspiring nonprofit impact story videos without talking about charity: water. They do a great job of showing the dire need for wells and how clean water transforms communities and individual lives.

5. Global Women’s Water Initiative

Nothing Is Impossible: Global Women’s Water Initiative from Hover on Vimeo.

charity: water isn’t the only group doing exciting work on water. They tackle the problem by empowering women. See how their faces shine – you can tell their lives have been transformed.

Making quality videos isn’t easy – it involves work, commitment, and money to put it all together. But the results can be powerful and more than worth the effort.

What are your favorite impact story videos? Share in the comments!

This post was originally published in February 2013 and has been updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.