This Changes Everything: Video Storytelling on Instagram


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In the past, Instagram has solely been an app for photos, but with the recently added video option, well, this changes everything!

Just a few weeks ago, Instagram launched a new addition to their app – a movie camera icon located beside the camera icon. This feature allows users to take 3 to 15-second videos to share their stories with their followers. Also, after filming, the Instagram app can automatically stabilize shaky videos too.

With your Instagram photos, you can share your story because:

  • Pictures are still.
  • Pictures leave room for mystery.
  • Pictures give content a face or a name, engaging the mind’s eye.
  • Pictures draw your supporters in visually. It makes them feel closer to the work.

But video takes your story and turbocharges it into powerful storytelling. Here’s why:

  • Videos are alive.
  • Videos decrease mystery and seem irrefutable.
  • Videos simultaneously impact the emotions and mind.
  • Videos make your supporters feel as if they are experiencing the work with you.

Additionally, recording a video through Instagram requires minimal work. You’re looking at a whopping 2 minutes or less to take the video, select a filter, and share it with your audience.

When you consider the amount of work to impact ratio, it is worth your time to utilize Instagram’s video feature to drastically increase supporter engagement.

The option to leave comments on videos (as well as photos) creates yet another way to get immediate feedback from your supporters. Because of the experiential nature of video, people will engage with you by “liking” or sharing comments reflective of their reactions.

Video can create a huge impact.

There are limitations to Instagram video though:

  • You are limited to 15 seconds of video.
  • You can review the video but you can’t edit the clip.
  • Taking photos and videos on Instagram is limited to Android and iPhone users. (Although anyone on the web can view)
  • You can’t download or upload an Instagram video to another site. It can only be shared on Instagram.

However, video storytelling is like pictures on steroids. It will exponentially increase supporter engagement so you don’t want to forego the opportunity!

Get started with video storytelling today!

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