How To Tell Stories that Resonate and Raise Money for Your Nonprofit

If most non-profits are telling stories as a part of their fundraising and communications strategy, how can you make sure you tell stories that stand out and get results?

It all comes down to the connection you form with the audience through the story you tell. And while that connection may pull at heartstrings, there are many ways to evoke this beyond stories that feature puppies and kids.

There’s a wide spectrum of emotion and connection your non-profit can tap into. By evoking the right emotions and values, you can make a better case for support and action.

During this webinar, Vanessa will share the exact steps you can use to improve your nonprofit’s storytelling effectiveness in 2019.

Watch the on-demand training and you’ll learn:

  • What emotions align best with your cause and audience
  • Exercises to get you outside your usual storytelling box
  • Tips to tell your best stories in 2019

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