TDC On Nonprofit Board Management & Donor Engagement Strategies

What Are The Challenges Of A Board Run Nonprofit?

On this episode of Rally & Engage by CauseVox, we talk with Devin Race. He is the Board President and co-founder of the Texas Debate Collective, a nonprofit focused on providing low-income students access to the highest levels of competitive debate.

Texas Debate Collective

Expensive training camps are often where top debaters learn and practice their skills over the summer in preparation for the next season. But, students without significant financial resources are shut out from those opportunities. These financial barriers to participation are also unequally distributed; students of color are more likely than their white peers to be unable to participate in debate for financial reasons. TDC’s mission is to make debate available for everyone.

During our conversation we talk about:

  • The unique challenges board run nonprofits face
  • How to use an earned income model to fundraise for your cause
  • The importance of designing various donor engagement opportunities outside of just giving financially

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