Ignite the Spark: Transformative Strategies for Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Explore how personal storytelling and peer connections can dramatically increase the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Ever felt like your peer-to-peer campaign was just shouting into the void? It’s time to change that narrative. Learn how to craft personalized appeals that empower your fundraisers to make some noise and compel donors to respond with generosity.

In this 30 minute session you’ll learn:

  • Mobilize ambassadors and a diverse donor base to unlock your campaign’s potential
  • Capitalize on the “quiet phase” of your campaign to build momentum
  • Create a sense of urgency propelled by a time-bound framework
  • Craft compelling, consistent messages that amplify your campaign’s impact
  • And many more insider tips!

Step into this transformative session and learn how to turn your peer-to-peer fundraising campaign from a whisper into a roar! Let’s make a difference, one campaign at a time.


Picture of Katherine Lacefield
Katherine Lacefield

Founder @ Just Be Cause Consulting

The goodies: