4 High Impact Online Fundraising Videos


Creating a video for online fundraising always starts with a plot.

Here’s a round-up of four videos, each with unique plots, that you can follow as examples for your next fundraising video.

Connection plot fundraising video

Trinity Grace Church Brooklyn: A New Morning Service

Since starting a new church service is a cause they’re deeply passionate about their tone of voice and body language are authentic, making it easy for viewers to experience their passion and to connect with their cause.

Emotionally-charged words, tone, and engaging body language are sure to connect with viewers without their permission and lead them to join you!

Challenge plot fundraising video

International Justice Mission: A Ray of Hope

This plot is about a protagonist succeeding against the enemy of her past. Suhana’s obstacles seem insurmountable, but they inspire us by appealing to our appreciation for perseverance and courage.

Her struggle is real. The facts of her story are undeniably powerful and lead us all to see the reality of obstacles and the beauty of the human spirit to be resilient.

An outline of a challenge plot entails: fleshing out the protagonist’s character, the obstacles, the personal struggle, and what it took to fight against all odds to have hope and to persevere.

Creativity plot fundraising video (Example #1)

Innovation Africa: Bringing Israeli Innovation to Africa

In this video, you will notice the unique solution to a plethora of problems – the use of solar panels. This video moves viewers beyond the traditional way of helping (giving financially) and gets them thinking about creative ways to address big problems.

From here, you could encourage your viewers to create a team to support your organization in their own unique way – whether that is to raise support by bicycling across the country, rally together medical professionals to lobby for legislation, or to host a film series for the local community to learn and get involved.

Creativity plot fundraising video (Example #2)

Give a Stove this Holiday: The Adventure Project Campaign on Vimeo

In this video, the narrators concisely describe the problem, its prevalence, and its negative impact. But they don’t spend too much time dwelling on the problem before they move into speaking about the solution in the same manner.

Again, they succinctly describe the solution, the magnitude to which it is needed, and its counter impact on the individual’s health, dignity, and the community at large.

(Most people use creativity plots so we wanted to provide two examples for you to view.)

Good luck on deciding on which plot is the best fit for your next fundraising video!

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