#GivingTuesday & Year-End Fundraising Resource Package

Candace Cody
Candace Cody

Year-end fundraising in 2020 is going to look a little different than in years past. So, you need a year-end fundraising resource package to navigate these unprecedented times.

Year-end fundraising has relied on traditional strategies like direct mail and events. But this year, the rapid shift to digital-first fundraising has changed the fundraising landscape.

But, over the last 8 months, we’ve seen firsthand how nonprofits have adapted their fundraising strategies to thrive.

As we head into year-end fundraising during Covid, we want to share with you these year-end fundraising resources to help you raise more this year-end.

Here’s your #GivingTuesday & Year-End Fundraising Resource Package:

1. Access Our Free Library Of #GivingTuesday & Year-End Fundraising Webinars On-Demand:

1. 5 Tips to Use Facebook and Instagram Ads to Boost Your Nonprofit’s Year-End Fundraising

In this webinar, you’ll learn exactly how your nonprofit can use Facebook and Instagram Ads to make this year-end the most impactful fundraising period yet.

You’ll come away with a clear understanding of how you can reach a wider digital audience this year-end and how you can make the most of this new fundraising landscape.

Learn more here.

2. How To Maximize Your Year-End Fundraising During Covid

In this webinar, we dive into the top tips to help you maximize your fundraising during Covid.

Don’t miss out on these key learnings! You’ll come away with a strong understanding of the strategies you can be sure will help you successfully fundraise this year-end.

Learn more here.

3. *Newly Released* Nonprofit Leader Panel: Navigating Digital Fundraising For 2020 + Beyond

In this recorded session from the Digital Fundraising Summit, you’ll learn from two organizations – Fiver Children’s Foundation and the Catalogue for Philanthropy – about how they’ve been successfully navigating fundraising in 2020 and how they’re adapting their year-end fundraising plans to ensure they’re successful in today’s digital-first landscape.

4. How To Run Your #GivingTuesday and Year-End Fundraising Campaign On CauseVox

Looking for a practical tutorial of how you can set up and run your an optimal #GivingTuesday and year-end fundraising campaign?

During this 40-minute tutorial, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about setting up and managing a successful #GivingTuesday and year-end fundraising campaign on the CauseVox platform.

Check out these upcoming year-end fundraising webinars:

2. Access Our Free Library Of Year-End Fundraising Guides, Articles, And Templates

During the last few months, we’ve focused on providing educational content to best guide you through this time.

Here’s our library of topical free webinars on-demand:

1. The Comprehensive Guide To Year-End Giving

This guide will help you to outline and develop a year-end fundraising campaign that works for your organization and your donors.

We’ll also review marketing and communications tools and tactics, and highlight assets and resources to consider when executing your campaign. Start thinking now about ramping up your virtual fundraising because this year has seen a massive shift to online. Let’s get started – the clock is ticking!

Read more.

2. #GivingTuesday 2020 Ideas And Best Practices

Whether you’re a virtual fundraising expert or still getting your feet under you, #GivingTuesday is a great way to improve your virtual fundraising and get your supporters excited to give online.

To help you make the most out of your #GivingTuesday campaign, we’ve put together this list of #GivingTuesday ideas and best practices.

Read more.

3. The Ideal Year-End Campaign Timeline

Autumn definitely means “go time” in the life of a fundraiser, often because it signals the start of year-end, a period of time you may get upwards of 60% or more of your annual donations.

To get started preparing for the most wonderful time of the year for nonprofits and charities, ensure you’ve covered your year-end fundraising basics with this year-end fundraising campaign timeline.

Read more.

4. Free Downloadable Year-End Fundraising Plan Calendar Template

Need to put together your year-end fundraising plan?

View and download our Year-End Fundraising Sample Plan + Calendar by inputting your email address below:

5. Year-End Fundraising During Covid: 10 Trends, Tips, Tactics, and More

COVID might have you second-guessing your traditional approaches. 

Don’t panic. You probably won’t be too surprised that it’s not an all or nothing answer. Some of your tried and true strategies are a great idea, others may not work this year, and there are new tactics you might want to try to get the best results. 

Here’s our top 10 tips for year-end fundraising during covid to help you reach your fundraising goals.

Read more.

6. Additional #GivingTuesday and Year-End Fundraising Articles

3. Consider Taking A #GivingTuesday & Year-End Fundraising Course To Bring Your Fundraising Plans To The Next Level

1. [On-Demand] Course: Building A Year-End Fundraising Strategy That’s Designed To Succeed

Over the course of 3 hour-long classes, we’ll walk you through how to plan your year-end giving campaign step by step + provide you with tools and templates to equip you to succeed.

You’ll walk away equipped with a comprehensive year-end fundraising plan you can feel confident will help you meet and exceed your year-end fundraising goals.

Learn more about the course.

2. [Register Now] Intensive: Master Your #GivingTuesday Fundraising

And, here at CauseVox, our goal is to help you raise more during #GivingTuesday with less effort.

With #GivingTuesday coming up on December 1st this year, we know you’re working on a short timeline to make this year’s #GivingTuesday the best one yet with our upcoming 2-hour Intensive: Master Your #GivingTuesday Fundraising.

You’ll come away with a clear course of action to plan and execute a masterful #GivingTuesday campaign.

Registration is open for the Intensive class on 11/6 from 2-4pm EST.

Register here.

4. Run Your Online #GivingTuesday And Year-End Fundraising With 0% Platform Fees On CauseVox

You read that right.

To make this time easier on your budget, we are incredibly excited to announce that we’ve just launched 0% platform fees on any plan. Now, you can access top-grade professional fundraising software to raise more online this year-end with less budgetary concerns.

This way, you can save thousands of dollars in platform fees this year-end, which you can direct to your much-needed programs.

So now, you can run all your donation pages, crowdfundingpeer-to-peer fundraising, virtual fundraisers, and more with less time, stress, hassle, and no fees holding you back.

Sign up for any plan

Or, fundraise for free on our Basic Plan (100% Free)

Need a tool to fundraise for free?

This uncapped Basic Plan allows you to run donation forms/pages, virtual events, and peer to peer fundraising. There’s no monthly/annual fee, no CauseVox fee, and no limits.

For small orgs on a tight budget or can’t get a virtual fundraising tool approved quickly, you can use CauseVox for 100% free with the Basic Plan.

Get started for free or chat us via our website.

5. Free #GivingTuesday and Year-End Fundraising Consultation

Let’s chat about how you can leverage virtual/digital fundraising for your year-end fundraising plan.

You’ll sit down with a digital fundraising expert to review your fundraising plans and chat about how you can optimize your digital fundraising strategy to raise more online with less stress this year-end.

Book your free 20-minute Year-End Fundraising Consultation

We’ll be adding more resources soon! Keep coming back to see the latest updates to our comprehensive #GivingTuesday & Year-End Fundraising Resource Package.

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