15 Fundraising Video Ideas to Boost Engagement with your Audience

Sara Choe
Sara Choe

We believe that storytelling is the force behind successful fundraising, and at CauseVox, we see the impact of that power every day.

Videos allow you to combine your dynamic story with emotion to create a connection with your audience that words and photos cannot build. At CauseVox, we believe that stories can transform the world. Organizations can convey impact in a way that engages and inspires donors by persistently telling stories.

Through storytelling, nonprofit organizations can harness the power of emotion to make a connection with donors that inspires action, and videos allow you to bring this story to life in a way that words or even pictures can’t mirror.

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Read our beginner’s guide to learn the basics of nonprofit video storytelling and how to use video to drive donations.

15 Nonprofit Video Storytelling Examples

1. Kindred Image’s The Drop Box Movie Campaign

Clips from the documentary and reflections about the director’s personal story of change through the filming of the documentary.

2. Project Renewal’s En Casa Apartment Project

Project Renewal, a nonprofit that raised over $80,000 on CauseVox, shares the stories of homeless families who have gone through their program, and the changes in their lives.

3. Neverthirst’s Water is Life Project

Using CauseVox, Neverthirst raised almost $220,000 to provide clean water for 300,000 people in 87 villages. In this video about their work in India, Neverthirst clearly articulates their ministry model, the impact the ministry makes on individuals, and a specific call to action.

4. Dressember’s Wear A Dress In December Campaign

This campaign video ties stories of activist from the past to action steps that women can take to make an impact now.

5. charity: water’s September Campaign

This engaging short feature film about the founder and story behind charity: water is longer than a usual campaign but tells enthralling stories behind the organization and the people whose clean water campaigns make a permanent impact around the world.

6. Emmanuel House for Girls’

Stories of the girls who were welcomed into a safe home demonstrate the difference in their lives before and then now.

7. One Girl Australia’s “Do it in a Dress” Campaign Launch Video

The team used a humorous and catchy idea behind their campaign, and also included visuals to help their support base understand how fun it would be to participate.

8. RestoreNYC’s Thank You Video

The team created a heart-felt thank you video to show the tangible results of their CauseVox campaign.

9. Story Pirates’ Overview Video

The team used an overview video on their CauseVox campaign to explain the personality and impact of their organization.

10. World Help’s “Operation Rescue” Call To Action Video

The team, who have raised nearly $1 million on CauseVox, created an articulate and clear call to action for their campaign from a senior leader at the nonprofit.

11. The Adventure Project’s “World Water Day” Campaign Overview

The team put together a video for their CauseVox powered campaign that explained the issue creatively and how participants can make an impact.

12. Trinity Grace Church Call To Action Video

The team set the context for their fundraising campaign and also helped the viewer identify with their goal.

13. Synergy Ministries’ Informational Video

The team used vivid imagery of volunteers in action to help viewers understand how their projects worked.

14. Well Aware “Shower Strike” Video

The team created a video slideshow to present a basic concept of the need and what the viewer could do to help.

15. Girl’s Who Rock – Mozella Appeal Video

The team used one of their supporters, Mozella (a vocal artist) to appeal to their concert fundraiser

Here at CauseVox, we believe that the most powerful stories inspire some kind of action. Videos allow you to bring your fundraising story to life, and influence your audience in an emotional way that words and photos can’t imitate.

We think it is so valuable that we did the first steps for you. Read our beginner’s guide and begin creating engaging video content for your organization.

This post was originally published in June 2014 and has been updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.

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