5 Strategies To Grow Your Fundraising In Today’s Connected Economy

The world you fundraise in has fundamentally shifted—your supporters are hyper-connected, live inside personal feeds, and are continually ambushed with messages vying for their attention.

These shifts have made it challenging to cultivate donor relationships and reach new donors.

So, we’re partnering with Gabe Cooper from Virtuous, a CRM & marketing platform designed to help nonprofits build lasting relationships, to discuss key trends impacting how you fundraise and engage donors and highlight five strategies you must adopt to grow your fundraising in today’s connected economy.

You’ll leave this 45-minute webinar knowing: 

  • Key shifts in donor preferences and trends impacting your fundraising
  • How to measure the true value of your supporters
  • Three levers to growing your fundraising (acquisition, retention, cultivation)
  • Five strategies to grow your fundraising
  • Examples of how other nonprofits are leveraging these strategies successfully

Simplify and grow your fundraising

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