Fundraising for Advocacy and Advocacy Organizations

Fundraising for Advocacy and Advocacy Organizations is the same as fundraising for Service and Project Providers…but it’s different.  

Larry Kaplan, a nonprofit consultant who has an extensive background in advocacy, political campaigns, nonprofit management and fundraising, is well-versed on the similarities and differences.  This webinar talks about how nonprofit leaders can and should fundraise for advocacy.  

In this 1-hour live webinar, you’ll learn ins and outs of: 

  • Donors as advocates
  • Advocates as donors
  • Types of advocacy donors
  • Grassroots advocacy and social fundraising
  • Foundation, government and corporate support for advocacy
  • Inspiring donors and capturing their passion
  • Advocacy vs. lobbying

You’ll come away with a solid understanding of the unique challenges of fundraising for advocacy, as well as some insights into the ways you can maximize your results.

This session will also feature a live Q&A and be recorded for on-demand viewing.


Jenna Notarfrancesco

Account Executive @ CauseVox

Larry Kaplan

Nonprofit Consultant

The goodies: