Four Resources to Help Start a NonProfit

start a nonprofit

Starting a nonprofit is no easy task. You have to work with refining your programs, finding funding, building a team, and so much more. With some friends from LinkedIn, we’ve rounded up four resources to help you start your nonprofit.

Foundation Center
The Foundation Center provides a Nonprofit Startup Map with links to helpful state resources such as nonprofit associations, legal support organizations and government agencies.  This site also contains links to more in-depth webinars, additional resources, and an opportunity to get live help with a Foundation Center staff member.

Nonprofit and Philanthropy Good Practice
Nonprofit and Philanthropy Good Practice is a project of the Johnson Center for Philanthropy and was intended to be a one-stop-shop for widely accepted and innovative nonprofit practices. Users can search resources on categories that range from evaluation to information management.

Chronicle of Philanthropy
Through articles posted on their site, The Chronicle of Philanthropy provides you with interviews with nonprofit founders, stories on successful nonprofit ventures, tips on running nonprofits, and the latest trends and news in the nonprofit world.

National Council on Nonprofits
The Nonprofit Council’s site provides you with a few essential big picture questions before providing a basic overview of the nuts and bolts of starting and running a non-profit.  Some of the larger questions to consider:

1. Whether or not your nonprofit will be duplicating services already provided by an existing provider.

2. Whether you have sufficient support in the community for your idea, as this is a good indicator of your potential to secure future volunteers, board members, and community partners.

3. Is your organization’s mission sustainable in the long-term or can your mission be better served through a fiscal sponsorship?

The process of launching a nonprofit is broken down into five steps. They focus a bit more on the legal stuff, but it’s a necessary step in forming any organization.

The Council’s guide also gives readers tips on what constitutes a successful business plan, as well as links to further resources on the topic. Paperwork, from federal and state requirements to internal reporting, is also covered in detail.  The guide emphasizes the need for prospective nonprofit business owners to seek legal assistance in securing all the proper paperwork and recommends turning to a local state association of nonprofits for referrals and recommendations.

Special thanks to:
Gerard C., Director at National Audubon Society and William B., for their recommendations!