Building High Impact Organizations: Creating Financial Sustainability for Social Enterprises and Nonprofits

Our friends at the Social Innovators Collective are organizing a couple of sessions in NYC specifically geared towards social enterprises, and startup/small nonprofits.

This is a must attend course for those that want to learn more about financial sustainability and building their organization.

Are you finally ready to tackle the question of financial sustainability for your nonprofit or social enterprise? If you’ve been putting it off…here’s your opportunity to finally work on the highly “unfun” part of building your enterprise with a group of founders, leaders and professionals in the social good space who are committed to high impact change? Are you curious to learn how finding capital, fundraising, marketing, communicating who you are and selecting your tax structure are all inter-related? Come gain the knowledge, resources and tools from experienced founders who have all traveled this road and are ready to share their stories.

The schedule is as follows:

  • Become Financially Sustainable: A Roadmap and Resources
  • Engage Your Audience: Branding, Design, and Communication
  • Pitch Your Idea: Persuasive Communication
  • Get Incorporated: Choosing the Right Tax Status for Your Org
  • Generate Revenue: Funding Your Social Enterprise or Nonprofit

We’ve designed the workshop series as a whole, but you can also sign up for individuals classes.

Sign up before 9/28 and you will receive the early bird discount

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