7 Tips on Using Facebook to Build Community

The National Wildlife Federation shared a picture of a fox taking refuge from the hurricane along with information about Sandy’s impact on wildlife. The post received over 1,000 likes, 270 shares, and dozens of comments.

You can get this level of engagement on your Facebook page too. But it takes active community building.

One of the great things about Facebook is that it is highly interactive. It’s a place where your supporters are free to ask questions, share their thoughts, and be an active voice in your nonprofit. You can get the most out of your page by getting your supporters involved.

We’ve talked before about how to build community among your supporters. Here are seven tips on how to use Facebook specifically.

1.    Be relatable

Facebook is an informal space. Have a real voice that is both conversational, knowledgeable, and genuine. You want to create a space where you can interact with fans on an every day level. Try posting videos you took on your smart phone in the field. Share Instagram pics. Feature different staff members to help people get to know you. Keep it casual and not too stuffy.

2.    Ask questions

Your supporters aren’t going to comment unless you ask them what they think. Constantly invite fans to join the discussion by asking questions. This is a good way to get feedback to make improvements too.

3.    Highlight your volunteers and donors

Tag your volunteers in event pictures. Feature a donor’s personal fundraising initiatives. This demonstrates how others are participating in your cause while showing appreciation. Tagging volunteers also makes it show up on their newsfeed – raising awareness within their networks as well.

4.    Share stories and updates… all the time

Use your Facebook page to share the latest news in your organization. Giving regular updates gives them a reason to keep coming back to your page. This will keep your nonprofit in the forefront of people’s minds when you show up on their newsfeeds. Most importantly, do this consistently and do it often. Every day is a good place to start.

5.    Be visual

Have a stunning cover photo. Include pictures or other visual media with almost all your posts. This will catch people’s eyes, create interest, and portray your nonprofit as a dynamic and exciting organization.

 6.    Expand your content

Just as important as sharing regularly is sharing different kinds of stories. Tell impact stories of successful clients. Announce a special event or fundraising campaign. Post videos, pictures, surveys, stories, links – keep it coming and keep it interesting. It’s also a good idea to share updates that aren’t just about your organization. Post articles about relevant legislation. Share industry news. Highlight the work of another nonprofit in your field. Your supporters care about your cause first – become the go-to resource to help them learn more about it.

7.    Use your tabs

You can use your different tabs to give more info about the issue, highlight upcoming events, or to direct people to sign up for email updates. Use them like different pages of your websites. This will help your page become more informative and drive traffic to your site.

Start putting these tips into practice and soon your Facebook page should be abuzz with activity. Using Facebook as a hub for community will strengthen your support base and help your fundraising campaigns get off the ground.


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