7 Social Media Lessons from Social Media for Nonprofits NYC

Social Media for Nonprofits is multi-city conference dedicated to social media and social good. They just wrapped up their New York City conference. Here are 7 tips that we learned about social media from the day-long conference.

1. “Find out the best and worst times to share on Facebook:  #SM4NP #NYC” – @SM4Nonprofits

2. “Autoresponders: The MOST effective way to engaging your constituents. We can help you create great series!  #sm4np” – @CathexisPartner

3. “Remember to make your online petitions DIRTY: dramatic, inspiring, relevant, and timely!” -@ChangeOrgs

4. “Was #Kony2012 a success or failure? Mashable breaks it down: #sm4np” -@dheyman

5. “Share personal stories related to the cause to create an emotional connection for your followers. @kaytms #SM4NP #NYC” -@SM4Nonprofits

6. “Tactics for a successful advocacy campaign: Listen to your audience, utilize media, and advocate for your cause. @kaytms #SM4NP #NYC” -@SM4Nonprofits

7. ” ‘You have two ears and one mouth. Listen twice as much as you speak.’ Important rule for #socialmedia: #LISTEN! #SM4NP” -@ASanders88

Check out Social Media for Nonprofits and their conference schedule so you can learn more about social media and social good.

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