5 Ways to Source Great Content

Meredith Janke
Meredith Janke

You’re staring at that darn little blinking cursor on your computer screen, waiting for inspiration to hit. You’ve got to write that blog post. Or newsletter. Or Tweet. You’ve run out of ideas. Where are you going to come up with great content?

When your mental resources have run dry, there are lots of people out there who can bring inspiration and perspective to your content. Here are five ways to source content that will kick-start your efforts: 

1. Experts

Host someone who knows the ins and outs of your industry for an online interview or Q & A. They can talk about the social challenges and problems surrounding your cause and best practices for engaging them. Giving experts a voice on your platform lends you credibility, too.

2. Volunteers

Volunteers are die-hard fans of your cause. Why else would they spend their most precious resource – their time – joining with your nonprofit? Share a volunteer’s personal story about their experience with you and their interaction with the people you are trying to serve.

3. Donors

Get someone to talk about why they choose to use their hard-earned dollars for your cause, your nonprofit. They make the statement that you are trustworthy, and can make others more comfortable donating as well.

4. Partners

If you collaborate with other organizations, host them for a guest post on your blog. You’ll be building community, fostering solidarity, and expanding the base of people who know about your work.

5. Relevant News

There’s a lot going on in the world that relates to your mission – otherwise, you wouldn’t be working on it. A well-timed article might speak directly to your issue and by sharing it you show that you are in touch and relevant to the current state of affairs. Practice newsjacking: inserting your views and perspective into current issues and spawning media coverage for your organization.

Where does your nonprofit source its content? What’s your go-to spot for inspiration?

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