5 Ways to Help Your Social Fundraising Stand Out

Who has the most power now in fundraising?

It’s the donor. Not just the major gifts anymore, but the small gifts too because of the power of social fundraising.

One of the fastest growing reasons why people donate to charities is because their friends and family asked them to. Social fundraising has skyrocketed in this time where Twitter, Facebook, and other forms of social media use have increased.

Here are five ways to help your social fundraising efforts task stand out:

Utilize all your online tools
There are dozens of social tools out there, and you should pick and choose which one works the best for your audience. The people that like your Facebook page will differ from your Twitter followers. Invest in the channels and tools that can really help you reach your supporters and donors. You don’t have to jump on the next big thing if your donors aren’t on there.

Network with others
Blogging is big, and there are many (and we mean MANY) types of blogs out there. Many of these blogs will share your passion. Take the time to build a relationship with bloggers. They can turn into your champions and help you raise awareness and donations via their readers and subscribers.

The power of face to face
Being in person and asking for support is the number one way to acheive a donation for your organization. In every correspondence, direct traffic to your social media channels or website, as they will provide a way for new audiences to stay engaged with your organization and cause.

Inform and educate
Use your social media, emails, and in person opportunities to educate people on the impact of their donation, showing precise and detailed examples of what $10 or $50 of their money can fund. In addition, educate around your cause, through relevant current events, news, and studies.

Don’t give up
It may become discouraging to look at your stats and wonder why you don’t get more donations. Even with technological advances, social fundraising doesn’t happen overnight, and takes time to develop.

CauseVox can help you customize your site, so that it is more visually appealing, and easier to fundraise.  One of the most effective ways to turbocharge your fundraising efforts is to turn your biggest supporters into fundraisers, empowering them to help the cause even further by being directly involved.


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