4 Affordable And Easy Video Editing Applications

Videos are becoming an important part of online marketing, as they’re able to not only tell their audience a story, but show them.
For this reason, videos can capture our interests and make us pay attention to the story being told. However, I’m sure we’ve all encountered a video that has quality issues, those issues become a distraction.
Unfortunately, when issues with sound or the image occur, the audience may end up paying more attention to the quality issues than the story itself!

Therefore, to make great videos, quality editing is crucial to the success of your video. Here are a few tools to help you do just that.


Movie Maker

If you have a PC, your computer likely has a video editor already installed. Movie Maker remains to be one of the most powerful video editors that are free. You can easily find the Movie Maker in the search window. Movie Maker combines pictures, videos, sound, text, music, and more into one video file. There are more advanced software programs for video editing, but you will be surprised how much you can do with a basic editor.



If you are looking for a more advanced editor, Filmora is a great option. For a $29 annual license, Filmora offers advanced functions such as picture-in-picture, anti-shake, screen capture, etc.

The advanced functions give you more variations in video treatments. Therefore, Filmora is most suitable if you intend to produce multiple videos each month. As videos become a bigger part of your marketing campaign, advanced editors like Filmora empowers you to make more professional looking videos.

The advanced video treatments ensure that each of video looks uniquely different and new, keeping the viewers intrigued and engaged in your stories.



WeVideo is a cloud-based video editor that offers all the basic video editing function on-the-go.

The cloud-based structure allows you to access the file on multiple machines, which can come in handy since video files can get pretty big. The cloud base structure also offers a platform for team collaboration.

WeVideo also offers a personal version that has fairly affordable pricing, starting at $10. Alternately, you can contact WeVideo to set up an account for your whole team under special non-profit pricing plan.



This last application is not for editing videos, but rather sound. Without sound, it’s very difficult to make a great video.

Imagine a time when you are listening to a speaker live or listening to a lecture, and imagine what happens when you can not hear clearly. You stop paying attention. Poor sound in a video is equally distracting.

Audacity is a free program that can record and edit your sound. One of the most important and yet most basic edits to do is to remove the background noise. This simple process of sound editing can make a huge difference in the quality of a video. It makes your audio crisper.
This process is particularly important if the main message is delivered via audio, such as an interview or a testimonial.

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