Meet the Team

CauseVox is an online fundraising and crowdfunding platform for social good. Nonprofits and individuals, anywhere in the world, can use CauseVox to create a beautiful website to raise funds without a developer.

After hacking together our own fundraising platform for our volunteer projects, we're proud to have helped thousands of groups raise millions of dollars online. Our customers include global nonprofits, groups of friends, and even the one person that's making a difference.

Rob Wu
Rob is a founder and CEO of CauseVox. In 2011, he launched a crowdfunding campaign that raised over $125,000 in 10 days for disaster relief. His work has been recognized by the Mayor of Austin and featured in the NYTimes, CNN, Forbes, and WSJ.
Jeff Chang
Jeff is a founder and CTO of CauseVox. He's taken CauseVox from garage hobby to a globally used crowdfunding and online fundraising platform. He is passionate about design and how to apply web technologies to help others scale their social impact. And chipotle chicken tacos.
Candace Cody
Candace is the Customer Service Advocate for CauseVox. Passionate about helping nonprofits, she works to empower CauseVox users on crowdfunding best practices and curates the latest fundraising insights as the CauseVox Blog Editor.
Jenna Sauber
Jenna Sauber is content and writing specialist at CauseVox. She crafts blog posts, guides, and ebooks that help nonprofits scale their social impact.
Lissa Fehr
Lissa manages social media and community development at CauseVox.

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