How does the CauseVox Partner Program work?

The CauseVox Partner Program gives you a way to receive a share of what we earn from your referrals from 1 year of your referral.

You’ll get 10% of our revenue for each customer that you refer. No minimums or maximums. For example, if you refer someone who we earn $10,000 from within one year of the referral, you’ll receive $1,000!

How do I become a partner of CauseVox?

Simply sign up to become a CauseVox Referral Partner.

Once you’re approved, you can start making referrals. You’ll be earning a portion of the revenue CauseVox earns from each client from the day you sign them up.

How will I get paid?

Payments will be disbursed to you via PayPal in $USD quarterly (April 1, July 1, October 1, and January 1).

What information will I be able to track about my referrals?

We provide a report detailing your earnings in each quarterly disbursement.

Will I get any tools to help me promote CauseVox to my clients?

Yes! We provide some creative CauseVox banners for you to use. You can also show your clients the web pages at and Case Studies on our blog. If there’s anything in particular you think we could provide that would be valuable to help you sell, please contact us.

Is the amount I can earn capped?

Nope! You can collect on as many clients earning as much income as you want.

Can I earn revenue on my own fundraising site?

No. Collecting partner earnings on a fundraising site run by yourself in whole or in part is not allowed and grounds for dismissal from the partner program.

What happens if I want to dispute an amount of revenue I’ve been paid? It seems like the amount I received should be more/less.

For any payment disputes, contact us at with the full details of the issue. We’ll review your message and see what we can do to get it resolved.

What are the terms of service?

The terms of service, that you will need to agree to prior to signing up, are located here.