PayPal vs CauseVox

It’s unprofessional to use PayPal as your donate button

Switch from PayPal to CauseVox and convert more donors instantly.

CauseVox has helped us raise $60,000 in the past 7 months. Last year, we raised only $33,000 for all of our online fundraising combined!

Megan Miller

Director of Development at Irish International Immigrant Center

What is PayPal

What is PayPal

PayPal is a payment processor that helps you take transactions.

  • Built for individuals, e-commerce, and small businesses. Get short-term business loans.
  • Embed a generic yellow donate button on your website.
  • Accept credit card payments in-person and online.
What is CauseVox

What is CauseVox

CauseVox is a fundraising platform that helps you acquire donors.

  • Built for small and medium-sized nonprofits.
  • Create high-performing donation forms.
  • Launch crowdfunding campaigns to fund projects.
  • Run peer to peer fundraising to reach new donors.
  • Track your donors automatically.
  • Dedicated support to help you grow.
In summary

CauseVox professionalizes your online fundraising.

Online fundraising isn’t just slapping a generic yellow button on your website. Plus, no one likes to donate to a nonprofit that has a clunky donation form. With CauseVox, you’ll look professional to donors and see results quickly. Your donation forms will look polished, be easier to use, and convert more donors so your mission goes further.

Raise More

Proven to increase gift size and total donation volume.

Spend Less Time

Reclaim hours of time each week with a product that automates your digital fundraising.

Expand Fundraising

Add on fail-proof digital fundraising initiatives to your fundraising plan.

PayPal makes you look clunky

This is what PayPal’s donation process looks like.

  • All donate buttons are the same generic yellow color.
  • Donors are directed to a generic white transaction page.
  • PayPal pushes donors to make an account instead of easily completing their donation.
  • Donors get sent a generic transaction receipt.

CauseVox makes you look spectacular

You look good, your donors can easily complete their donation, and you raise more funds through CauseVox.

  • Your branding and colors without any coding.
  • Donors stay on your website without a jaring redirect. Simple straight forward process.
  • Donors get sent a customized donation receipt. Data is tracked automatically in our free Fundraising CRM.

With such a small fundraising team we needed all the support we could get. At every juncture of the journey, they were there to provide critical feedback and provide us with insight we may have missed. They were always available to answer any questions that we had.

Floyd Jones

Development Coordinator at Volo City Foundation

Side by Side Comparison


PayPal is a payment processor that helps you take transactions.

CauseVox is a fundraising platform that helps you acquire donors.

Donate button
Customize donation form
Suggested giving levels
Seamless donation process
Collect donor data
Custom donation receipts
Track and organize donors
Run any fundraising
Dedicated 1-1 support

Bigger results
with less effort

increased $$$
by 81%

By switching to CauseVox from PayPal, the Irish International Immigrant Center went from $33,000 to $60,000.

grew ROI by

The First Tee increased their fundraising results by 200% and raised over $55,000 through CauseVox.

Comparing the costs

It’s hard to compare apples to apples with PayPal vs CauseVox. PayPal just takes transactions, while CauseVox expands what you can get out of online fundraising.

Based on customer results, we’ve helped nonprofits 2x the amount of donations they get when they use our donation pages. For example on PayPal, you’ll raise $1000 while on CauseVox you’ll get double that, $2000. PayPal charges 2.2% + 30 cents per donation. So if you raise $1000, your cost is about $25. You receive $975 after fees. CauseVox charges 2% per donation in addition to the standard transaction processing costs of 2.2% + 30 cents per donation. Both these fees are covered by your donors. So if you raise $2000, your cost is about $70 of which 100% can be covered by your donors. You receive $2000 after fees. More donations, less fees? Yes, those are just a few wins that you get by using CauseVox. Since CauseVox helps you automate administrative tasks, take recurring donations, increase gift size, and acquire new donors, the value is endless. In summary, the cost of fundraising is lower on CauseVox than on PayPal.

You’re not alone We’re behind you

Whether you’re looking to start taking online donations or optimize results, you get 1-1 support to raise more donations with less clunkiness.

Our first year doing this, we raised $8,000. The next year, we raised $12,500, and in the following year, we raised $21,000! We appreciate that CauseVox works — it’s reliable, doing everything a fundraising platform should do.

It’s free and simple to get started.

Start raising more money for your cause today.
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