Classy vs CauseVox

CauseVox is the light-weight, budget friendly, customer-crazy alternative to Classy.

Switch from Classy to CauseVox to declutter your fundraising and get the service you deserve.

I’ve never worked with a company that pays so much attention to clients. I am completely floored with every interaction.

Floyd Jones

Director of Development and Community Outreach

What is Classy

What is Classy

Classy is a fundraising platform that lets you brand its pages.

  • VC-funded and profit seeking.
  • Focused on event fundraising.
  • Serve large and enterprise level organizations.
  • Complex functionality.
  • Hidden pricing.
What is CauseVox

What is CauseVox

CauseVox is a fundraising platform that helps you acquire donors.

  • Started by two guys 10 years ago that still actively operate the company.
  • 100% bootstrapped so that nonprofits and their budgets come first.
  • Focused on online fundraising for small and medium orgs.
  • Run peer to peer fundraising to reach new donors.
  • Rated 4.4 out of 5.0 on user experience.
  • Open and listed pricing
In summary

Customers that switch to CauseVox see a 51% increase in results.

If your fundraising software is too complicated, you’ll get disappointing results. Plus, imagine not getting a response when you have urgent technical or fundraising questions.

CauseVox makes your job easier, saves you money, and cures your headaches with incredibly responsive support for all users.

Raise More

Proven to increase gift size and total donation volume.

Spend Less Time

Reclaim hours of time each week with speedy direct help from our fundraising coaches.

Happy Participants

On average, a 4.4 out of 5.0 rating on user happiness because we make it oh-so-easy.

Screenshot of Test

Classy has more complexity

Classy’s complex suite of fundraising tools is built for enterprises.

  • Cumbersome features that most nonprofits will never use.
  • Extensive customizations for complex large organizations.
  • Customer support that doesn’t fit the needs of small and medium-sized orgs.
  • Pricey license fees from $3,000 per year.

CauseVox is a delight to use

CauseVox’s fundraising platform declutters your digital fundraising, while giving you more service, more results, and more savings. Perfect for any small or medium-sized nonprofit.

  • Speedy response to all support and sales questions.
  • Assigned Dedicated Success Manager to increase your digital fundraising results.
  • Guided onboarding and training for new and returning users.
  • Award-winning fundraising education, all included.
  • Save up to 80% with lower license fees.

We’ve gone through multiple platforms and CauseVox is by far the most straightforward, easy to use one. The fact that it is user-friendly for both participants and myself as an admin is the most compelling factor.

Lauren Meltzer

Director at Junior Achievement of Greater Washington

Side by Side Comparison

Classy logo

Classy is a fundraising platform that lets you brand its pages.

CauseVox is a fundraising platform that helps you acquire donors.

Campaign sites
Personal pages
Team pages
White-label experience
Custom domain and URL
Mobile optimization
Custom donation receipts
Embedded donation forms
Customer-centric support
Guided setup for participant pages
Transparent pricing
Budget friendly pricing
Lower processing rates
Free Fundraising CRM
Free Basic Plan
Dedicated 1-1 Success Manager

Bigger results
with less effort

increased $$$
by 51%

By switching to CauseVox, CCAN increased their p2p fundraising results by 51% in one year.

grew ROI by

The First Tee increased their fundraising results by 200% and raised over $55,000 through CauseVox.

Comparing the costs

Classy does not publish their pricing. You’ll have to contact them and talk to a sales rep in order to receive a quote. 

CauseVox is transparent. Our pricing for 99% of users is clearly published on our pricing page.

Based on what customers have told us after switching to CauseVox, we estimate that their Pro Plan is the most like our Plus Plan.

Classy (Pro) Pricing

  • Annual license fee: $3,600 per year
  • Platform fee: 3%
  • Processor Fee: 2.4% + 30 cents *

CauseVox (Plus) Pricing

  • Annual license fee: $2,940 per year (or you can go month to month with no commitment too)
  • Platform fee: 3% for crowdfunding and peer to peer, OR
  • Platform fee: 2% for donation forms
  • Processor Fee: 2.2% + 30 cents *

On the starting end of feature sets, the Classy Essentials Plan is similar to the CauseVox Basic Plan. Both have no monthly or annual fee, but with one major pricing difference.

With Classy, you incur a 5% platform fee. With CauseVox, you incur a 0% platform fee. The CauseVox Basic Plan is completely free to use. You receive unlimited donation pages, unlimited crowdfunding, and unlimited peer to peer fundraising. At Classy, you are limited to one thing at a time.

Note: Processor fees on CauseVox are a low 2.2% + 30 cents per donation for any online donation for nonprofits. Classy charges 2.2% + 30 cents for Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. Add an additional 1% fee is added for American Express.

Pricing Estimate

Based on a $100,000 raise and the numbers above, you would pay 22% more on Classy under their Pro Plan vs the CauseVox Plus Plan. The CauseVox Standard Plan can give you similar features as well for 33% less compared to Classy. *

Based on a $10,000 raise and the numbers above, you would pay 250% more on Classy under their Essentials Plan vs the CauseVox completely free Basic Plan. *

* Assumes 50% of donations from donation forms and 50% from crowdfunding or p2p fundraising. Also assumes 50% of your donations are from American Express.

You’re not alone We’re behind you

Whether you’re looking to start taking online donations or optimize results, you get 1-1 support to raise more donations with less clunkiness.

Our first year doing this, we raised $8,000. The next year, we raised $12,500, and in the follow year, we raised $21,000! We appreciate that CauseVox works — it’s reliable, doing everything a fundraising platform should do.

It’s free and simple to get started.

Start raising more money for your cause today.
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