[WEBINAR] How To Plan The Best Virtual Gala For Your Nonprofit

Planning a virtual gala, breakfast, luncheon or other type of event for your nonprofit this year?

Join us for our free webinar on How To Plan The Best Virtual Gala For Your Nonprofit.

Over the last year, nonprofits have had to quickly adopt virtual fundraising events into their plans. And, I’ve gotten the chance to see how hundreds of organizations adapted their fundraising galas to the virtual space.

After learning what worked well for so many organizations, I want to give you all the key insights during this special 60-minute webinar on 4/1 @ 2pm EST.

I’ll be diving into:

  • Virtual gala basics to help you imagine how your gala could operate online
  • Creating your virtual gala page for optimal results.
  • Fundraising strategies to help you raise more through your virtual gala
  • Livestreaming tips and best practices to keep your viewers engaged.
  • Marketing your virtual gala to get a broader audience.
  • Insights learned from real virtual galas that have been successful.
  • + more!

There’s never been a more educational and practical webinar about how you can run your gala online.

You’ll come away with everything you need to know about planning a virtual gala that will be easy to implement and help you raise more online.

Simplify and grow your fundraising

It honestly felt like using CauseVox expanded our team by another member.

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