[WEBINAR] Navigating The Rise Of Hybrid Fundraising Events

With vaccine rollouts underway and COVID restrictions beginning to lift, how do you move forward with events?

Do you plan for in-person, or virtual events? The answer is both.

As the year progresses, nonprofits can expect to see the rise of hybrid fundraising events: part in-person and part virtual events.

But what does a hybrid event look like? And how do you run one effectively?

In this hour-long webinar on Thursday, May 20th @ 2 pm EST, “Navigating The Rise Of Hybrid Fundraising Events,” we’ll be tackling how you can plan to integrate a hybrid approach to fundraising events at your nonprofit. You’ll learn:

  • What makes up a hybrid fundraising event and how to plan one effectively
  • Important differences between virtual and in-person events to consider, especially with COVID limitations
  • Practical examples of hybrid fundraising that will help you envision success for your event
  • Quick tips to optimize fundraising for your event both online and offline
  • + more!

Don’t miss out on this insightful webinar that will help you get ahead of the curve + implement a hybrid approach for your fundraising events.

With these insights, you’ll be sure to make the most of your next fundraising event both on and offline!

Can’t make it live? Register anyway and you’ll receive the recording in your inbox on Friday, May 21st.

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