[WEBINAR] From Stranger To Donor In One Day: A 6-Step Process To Build Relationships With New People, Fast

When it comes to building relationships with donors, we assume that it will take weeks or months of relationship-building before they’ll be willing to respond to our donation appeal.

But what if this is wrong?

What if you had a system that attracted people to your nonprofit, and within a day turned them into first-time donors?

In other words, the question isn’t, “How long does it take to build relationships with new people to lead them to become supporters of this mission?” Instead, it’s: “What are the natural steps every relationship needs to take to go to a deeper level, and can we do that with many people at scale?”

During this free webinar on 9/23 @ 2 pm ET you will learn:

  • How to meet people who don’t know you, attract them, start a relationship with them, and turn them into donors
  • The 6 steps you can take to turn this into a repeatable process
  • How this process is a natural extension of your mission and can also further your donor retention

All registrants will have the chance to grab a free copy of the eBook How to Use Digital Marketing to Find New Donors, a perfect reference guide for the material. During the webinar, you’ll also get links to other resources to help you and a copy of all presentation slides.

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Speaker: Chris Barlow, Customer Happiness Director and Founder, Beeline

Since 2015, Beeline has helped nonprofits expand their mission and grow their donor base through digital marketing. Their goal is to help organizations be more effective in marketing by aligning it with your mission. Chris Barlow has spoken at events put on by CauseVox and other industry leaders to teach thousands of nonprofits these skills. However, the skill Chris is most proud of is putting his two youngest boys down for nap each day.

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