New Feature: Recurring Donations


Our new recurring donation feature allow you to easily take monthly recurring donations via your CauseVox campaign site. You can easily turn a small donation into a consistent stream of donations throughout the year.

It’s easy to setup recurring donations on your CauseVox campaign site. Here’s how you do it:

Step 1: Login to your CauseVox Admin

causevox login

Step 2: Go to your Site Settings & select Recurring Donations

recurring donations on

Step 3: Switch On Recurring Donations

Activate Recurring Donations

Step 4: Connect your Stripe account

Recurring donations are currently only available through Stripe.


Step 5: Recurring donations activated

Once you activate recurring donations, you’ll see your donation form include a checkbox for donors to make their donation recurring.


For more info, check our our support article on recurring donations or contact us directly at

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