[On-Demand] Fundraising Sustainability Class: Moving Beyond Today Thinking

This week only! This class is only ($35) $17.50 through 3/19.

In the nonprofit fundraising world, we do a lot. We wear a lot of hats, and we feel like there are always more items on the to-do list than we could ever get done. But there’s one thing that you probably aren’t doing that is urgently important: making sure your fundraising operation is sustainable in the long-run. 

You may have read that first paragraph and are thinking, “I don’t have time for that, I have to make sure that we have money for next month!” Counterintuitively, focusing on long-term stability and predictability in your fundraising operation can also help you focus on what matters most in the current moment to help your current operations be more successful.

What are the things that can make your fundraising operation more sustainable? This webinar will teach you the power of:

  • Diverse funding streams.
  • Clear priorities.
  • Defined policies and procedures.
  • Secure and logical storage of institutional knowledge.

For too many organizations, fundraising operations are focused on what is most urgent, which oftentimes isn’t what is most important. How do you know if this is a problem for you and your organization? If you feel that…

  • …your organization jumps at every new trend, every new tech tool, or every promise of quick cash.
  • …you can never get ahead of a fundraising cycle (eg: you’re planning your year-end campaign in November).
  • …you don’t think the cost (in time or money) is worth the return you are getting on your fundraising.
  • …you are constantly exhausted and can’t find the energy to keep your operation going.
  • …you are new to fundraising, and you’re not sure where to begin.

Working toward a sustainable fundraising operation isn’t something you can plan to work on when things slow down or when you finish that next campaign. It’s something you must do each and every day, one piece at a time.

Fortunately, this webinar will teach you what you need to look for and aim for to make your fundraising operation more sustainable. And it will break what can feel like a huge project you must tackle at once into a manageable, bite-sized process that you can incorporate into your daily and weekly tasks.

Registration is available on an ongoing basis for $35.

You’ll receive a recording of the interactive class to watch on-demand.

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Who is this class for?

This course is for startup, small, and medium-sized nonprofits that don’t have a strong fundraising process or plan for the rest of 2020. This webinar is for you if:

This webinar is for you if:

  • Your organization is new or the fundraising operation at your organization is new.
  • You are struggling to get ahead on planning your fundraising operations.
  • You only have one or two primary revenue streams.
  • You don’t have a strategic or annual plan for your organization or fundraising operation.
  • You worry that if you left your organization, your entire fundraising operation would fall apart.
  • We take you through best practices as well as a structure towards reworking your 2020 fundraising plan (or building one for the first time).

You’ll learn how to make your fundraising sustainable for 2020 + beyond

Do I need to use CauseVox for this class?

No! This is a platform-agnostic course, so you can use your existing fundraising tools (donate button, etc). We offer the CauseVox Basic Plan for free though if need a platform for fundraising in 2020.

How much does this sustainable fundraising plan cost?

Registration is available on an ongoing basis for $35.

Where do I do the class?

This class is delivered through one, 60 minute live webinars. You’ll receive your invite to the live class via Zoom.

The class is recorded and available to watch on-demand anytime. You’ll receive a link to the recording, a pdf of the slides, as well as additional resources

When is the class?

The class is available to watch on-demand anytime via a link to the video online.

How do I sign up?

This course is open for ongoing registration. Sign up via the “Register Now” box to the left or below. You will be billed immediately and the class resources will be sent to you via email.

I have questions. Can you help?

Feel free to email us at if you have any questions about this course.

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